Alien D Day


Eight days have passed since we first started the efforts to recover our home world “Earth”. When I was young I remember my grandpa talk about the way he fought the takeover of our planet and the way we surrendered so easily our homes and all the beauty that once covered our great planet, and we never knew how to appreciate it until it was to late, or worst, we had been deprived of it.
He didn’t know exactly what the Reticulans were up to at the time; however they suspected it was a planetary experience that they wouldn’t dare to try in their own home planet.

New Home

Only later did I found out all about the deal we had made with the Reticulans, we traded our home planet for a chance to survive the destruction that their experience was causing. And still we had to prove our value in battle, compromising their experience for them to help us establish in a space colony located between our home planet and the Moon, in a precise place where the Earth and Moon gravitational pull get balanced.
I must recognize that is provably the greatest piece of engineering humanity ever built, an amazing structure that holds over half a million humans, managing to produce food for all, and at the same time developing new technologies to help us someday get our planet back.
It is a cylinder composed of rings, hollow in the middle with only one axis, each ring corresponds to a story high, and there are currently nine rings, the middle one corresponds to the docking bay that receives all our construction supplies from the moon and asteroid mining. Above the middle ring there are three story’s dedicated to housing, being the last one used for farming and production of pharmaceutical plants. Bellow the docking bays we find the military, scientific and industrial facilities. The rings are sectioned and each section rotates with a different speed, giving an overall pull of 1G, just like home.
The Reticulans have watched us with fear we would try to recover our planet and destroy the experience they had been building for decades now. It was with some astonishing surprise that our station command received the confirmation that the Reticulans were gone without a trace. However, soon they recovered and started plotting the recovery of our home planet.


About a month ago, I was assigned with my platoon to do a recon mission in Earth, to one of the former bases we held on earth before the capitulation. Those bases functioned as headquarters for our fight against the occupying enemy, during the abandon phase we left technology that we didn’t understand at the time, but were decided to use now, not having lost all of our knowledge, we held some technology from the battles we had endured for near two years. We were able to use the portal system deployed between each base, short time before we surrendered. The best squads were assigned to verify base stability, and to do a five click range recon surrounding the base, marking any possible target or danger to the upcoming reoccupation operation.
I was given the mission to select a squad and proceed to “Navajo” Base, located in the former United States of America Mohave desert. The missions went perfect, we verified the base and tested the stability; it was in perfect conditions, it hadn’t been breached, all the defense systems were operational. I ordered Sergeant Savage to remain in the complex and secure the perimeter while the remainder of us would do the recon. The landscape was dreadful, the entire area was covered with some kind of slime, we could walk over it, however there was no landscape, a barren wasteland covered with a reddish substance, no green, no sand, no animals, all we could ear was the sound of the patrol moving, or a frightening silence that revealed our worst fears, there was nothing left alive, to my self I only hopped that we could find a DNA lab that would allows to repopulate the world, both fauna an flora.
We completed the mission in less of 24 hours, we sealed the base and returned to the space station, in our patrol we only encountered strange elevations, resembling small pyramids, however placed in an equidistant pattern, with no apparent logic.
After this first phase we had successfully scouted 219 bases, with 22 in perfect condition, the ones that were far away from urban centers were the only ones in good condition.

Operation Phoenix – Day One

One month passed and we got a go to the 21st century D day. Simple plan, we were to occupy the 22 operational facilities, secure the perimeter, establish a defensive force and start reconquering the planet. My platoon was under General Whiley command with the 10th Heavy Infantry Company; we were equipped with heavy armor, standard 10mm assault rifles with grenade launchers, and heavy machine guns for support. My and Captain Hayes platoons were assigned to secure “Navajo” base, since my team had already made the recon of the area, our CO would be Colonel Sam Ivens from the Psi-Corps.
We left as schedule and started preparing the base to the upcoming battle, we activated the command center of the base were we linked all alarm e defense weapons including sentry guns and ground-air defense. The command center was characterized with a very strict ambient, the feeling of concrete, with several lights well distributed in the sealing creating a very balanced lighting, a minimalist occupation with only the essential elements required for us to analyze the situation and act accordingly. In the center there was a interactive table that we had already used when preparing for the operation, it held all the blueprints of the complex, it allowed to update information concerning weapons placement and status, allowed us to know exactly where everybody was and their physical condition, beside all this still had the possibility to access exterior missions, creating an holographic view of the battlefield, positioning our and enemy forces, helping us make the best decision that hopefully would end in the saving of human life. The complex also had labs and workshops, however at this phase their use was minimal, we expected only to use them when required, the workshops would be used to proceed with equipment repair and or assembling vehicles brought from Anchor Base, the labs would ensure that no research could compromise our only home at the moment. This would be a tough battle but there were very few ways our supplies could be cut of. We were confident, placing mines in the perimeter, preparing defensive positions and clearing the goo that had overcome the base exterior.
The Colonel and Captain Hayes were at the command center coordinating the operations, while I prepared the workshops to start assembling the heavy units that would hopefully be of very good use. We had individual communications with in the base, creating a command hierarchy that truly functioned, unlike the previous centuries when war meant chaos.

Operation Phoenix – Day Two

Took us two days to prepare the defense, we were starting to assemble some air and armored support however we were still given the order to begin assaulting enemy positions and wait for response, I was told only six bases had been given that order to test enemy response, and in case of failure better prepare the remaining bases.
The go order was at fist light of day three, by that time we would have up and running four light assault mecks armed with two 8mm gatling machine gun, two GL-4 grenade launchers, and 10 guided ground-air missiles, this baby’s packed quite a punch.

Operation Phoenix – Day Three

In the third day of operations, at precisely 5.00 hours we began the offensive launching guided missiles to the enemy positions that we had found in the first recon mission. At that moment all the biomass that surrounded us seemed to gain life, looked like it was moving. Our CO placed the base in red alert, placing each mech facing a cardinal direction.
All the men started to hold tight to their weapons, expecting an attack soon. And soon we began to get a glimpse of what was coming, there were about sixty five armed personnel in the base when they began to come, it was a vision that I believe will haunt me forever, we saw hundreds of creatures coming from all directions, running around 90 Km/h. They were small creatures, I could recognize similarities with at least four animals, tigers, wolfs, mice, bears, flying above their heads were what Sergeant Isaak agreed with me to be derived from eagles, condor’s and hawks, however bigger and scarier than ever.
Being in the desert we had a large field of view increased with optic equipment, still it only took them 20 minutes to reach our positions, what at a distance seemed to be a mere disorganized rampage soon became a fight for survival, their first line of infantry assault was completely wiped out by the minefield and precise marksmanship of our troops.
The creatures that resembled eagles would do precise flights against our positions launching over us a rain of flechetes that could pierce practically everything. With our high precision sentry guns their flying units were sitting ducks.
However they wouldn’t give up, each wave of assault was separated by one and a half hours, giving us enough time to recover for each round.
Around 14.00 hours we got suspicious because their assaults had stopped, we couldn’t detect any movement, however our satellite network was telling the CO that they were regrouping at a safe distance and this could only mean trouble for us.
The enemy made is move around 17.00 hours, they moved to about 500 meters from our positions and began being grabbed by the hawks like creatures, would follow the eagles like creatures, dropping their cargo right after the eagles assaults, the condor like creatures would not engage us, they just circled around, almost like doing recon e battlefield data collection. The creatures they dropped were the wolf and tiger like ones, armed with powerful claws and jaws with big piercing capability, the hole tactic caught us by surprise, they were able to damage a mech, and incapacitate a total of six soldiers in the first ten minutes, however it was a battle for survival, we had to try and overcome the difficulties, we found out that our enemy was more than cannon fodder.
I gave the order to the mechs and sentry guns take out airborne units first, the machine gun nests were to take out any ground infiltration. At this time we also watched the small enemy creatures, almost stripped of their own will, running through our mine field, clearing it for some massive wave waiting to happen.
The waves now had a three hour interval; however it started to give more troubles in rearming e preparing for the upcoming wave.
The priority was the bear like creatures, they bigger than a grizzly, add an immense strength, devastating claws, and a scream that would terrify anyone.

Operation Phoenix – Day Four

We spent the entire night holding the enemy at bay, we started to dominate their tactics and were able to adapt, that and three more light mechs fully deployed e prepared for combat, what a night. During the beginning of the morning around 8.50 hours Captain Kelly arrived with is squad to reinforce our positions, ammunitions were constantly arriving, and we started receiving Law’s and portable ground-air missile weapons.
We wondered why the Reticulans ran away, maybe they were too afraid of the success of their experiment, or maybe they just let us live and prosper so that we could test the effectiveness of their experience.
Around 15.00 hours we received Major Young and his Psi-Corps squad, they came to evaluate the enemy, and try to discover any information that could help us increase our lethality.
During the rest of the day the enemy made sporadic attacks, very small compared with the previous ones, in our CO opinion they were trying to evaluate our defense, striking each point and evaluating the reaction.

Operation Phoenix – Day Five

Captain Hayes was injured during the night, however kept fighting by his men side, the enemy made between the 2.00 hours and the 6.00 hours attacks with enough units to reach the front line, however not enough to overrun the complex, they were beginning to apply advanced concepts in their tactics. We wondered if they were to bring tanks next.
They were beginning to understand our weak spots, they spend the entire day at it, and then began to concentrate in points were they had more success. During this period they were able to kill two men and injure ten, we also had one soldier unaccounted for.
During one of their raids I was trying to secure the north side, I noticed they were adapting their strategy, something was different, it was more than a coincidence they were able to provoke casualties at each attack, at this rate we would soon stop having the enough human resources.
Around 20.00 hours I was informed that two Lincoln heavy tanks were fully deployed, and had been able to interfere with the enemy tactics, keeping him at bay.

Operation Phoenix – Day Six

During the night all enemy movimentations had ceased, we were preparing for the worst, at around 1.00 hour we were reinforced with my good friend John Lykens platoon, in order to fill the casualties we had suffered during the previous days, and reinforce our left flank that had lost they officer on site, creating some confusion.
At 2.00 hours I was called at the command center, they identified with Psi ops help the way the enemy was increasing effectiveness, it was the biomass that corresponded to a giant carpet with nervous terminations that can precisely locate and identify friendly and enemy units, plus the condor like creatures that were transmitting information to the hive mind, we needed to locate it and destroy in order to win the war. Psi ops also noted that it could be more then one hive mind, but several working together, we would have to look for visual contact, provably underground since the satellites were only able to detect a small part of nervous terminations hat we had destroyed in the beginning of the operation. Our scientists were also working in some sort of bio-weapon to kill the enemy and increase land operations. One of the six starting bases had been overrun but managed to escape from the compound and close the portal with minimal casualties. The remaining operational bases were to begin operations next day, the space command realized that to leave the current impasse we would need to gain air superiority, in some bases heliports were already being fitted to use V.T.O.L. capability plains in the first phase, until we are able to secure larger ground areas, and gain in those areas air superiority.
The briefing ended at 4.00 hours, I went to sleep for a couple of hours, and woke up around 5.15 with gunfight sound, I put my self up, grabbed my gun and went to my post, it was in the opposite side were the battle was going on, the biomass was releasing a series of small particles that created a type of fog, limiting our visibility to 200 meters, at the same time they were able to dig tunnels under our kill zone and were now popping right on top of our defenses, the air defenses were also having trouble with the fog, reducing efficiency, this way the enemy was successfully making an attempt to overrun our defenses. Added to this was the fact of new creatures that showed up, some turtle like creatures that acted like APC’s, others that resembled raptors, but with blades for hands, and a smaller size, however extremely fast. Our best protection was our armor. This was a bloody battle, for both sides, the mechs and tanks were doing an exceptional work, the Psi corps were able to turn some enemies to our side, however men were falling everywhere, we could only do what we had been trained for and hope for the best.
This hard fighting lasted several hours, every time it seemed we pull them back it seemed to appear another attack precisely at the weakness point. At 11.00 hours the satellites were able to give us the location of the enemy tunnels, I took sergeant savage and four men, then we destroyed the tunnels and sealed the exits. It took us around one hour and a half to complete the mission around the whole perimeter, however afterwards we started to gain control of the situation.
Despite our efforts casualties had been heavy, however sustainable, the final report at 13.00 hours pointed to five dead, fifteen injured, two incapacitated, and two unaccounted for.
Their second assault using this tactic started around 14.00 hours, the Colonel told me another one of the bases had fallen, around this time one of the turtle tanks opened its bays and a bunch of creatures that looked with nodding I had ever seen came out ant shot a bunch of shards, one of them hit me in the shoulder knocking me unconscious, I was told later that a soldier pull me back just in time to avoid being hit with the arrows their air support was throwing at us.

Operation Phoenix – Day Seven

I’ve just waken up in the hospital, around me there are many wounded, I checked all my soldiers and made sure they we’re ok, the doctor told me I only needed two days recovery in the TR tank, and would be up and running in no time. Back to the action and our future.
They try not to transmit battle information to the wounded, because it might slow our recovery; however those soldiers that arrive more recently bring fresh news, allowing us to trade experiences. I discovered that the attack in witch I was wounded was a simultaneous assault on all bases, I wonder what the Reticulans were up to, however during the night I remembered my grandpa telling me that some of the transgenic people would pick up guns and use them to protect the hive, I wonder what sort of enemy will I be up against when I return to the battlefield.
May my grandpa protect me, him and all the brave soldiers that fought side by side with me, allowing me to survive to fight another day.
Rui Marques