Humans are still the main inhabitants of the planet Earth. They live an almost tribal existence, with small groups banding together in villages on every continent around the globe.

The humans are naturally suspicious of outsiders. As the survivors of the Reticulans’ failed scientific experiment, they might well view any outsiders as hostile. If this is the case, they could pose a significant threat.

However, if we are able to establish friendly relations with the humans, we could reach some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement. They have valuable resources that we can use, and our advanced technology and readily available troops could help them in the struggle to protect their territories.


The Psionics are definitely of human genetic stock, but they have highly developed mental capacity and powers that are far beyond those of average human beings. Unfortunately for them, their mental abilities also make them highly susceptible to psionic attack.

These heightened mental powers are caused by a mutation—one that apparently only manifests itself in females, as we have never encountered a male Psionic. Whether this is because the mutation is lethal to males or because of chromosomal differences is unknown at this time. We do know, however, that the Psionics are born to human communities and develop the mutation sometime shortly after birth.

The Psionics have banded together to form their own communities, and have developed technologies and equipment to enhance their mental powers. They possess resources that are unique to their faction, and these resources could be helpful to us if we are able to establish friendly diplomatic relations with the Psionic community.


Like the Psionics, Cyborgs are offshoots of humans who are born to human communities and develop their mutation sometime shortly after birth. The Cyborg mutation manifests itself as a reduced immune response to electronic implants, and the development of a central nervous system that is easily connected to silicon-based computer hardware. This allows them to use cybernetic devices to enhance their skills and abilities.

The Cyborgs are all male—the mutation never seems to develop in females. However, we are convinced that the mutation is passed on maternally. Those who develop the mutation are quickly identified and cast out of the human settlements in which they are born. Like the Psionics, the Cyborgs have established a society apart from their human progenitors.

Like the other factions, Cyborgs have developed their own specialized technologies and resources that could be quite useful to us. Upon studying the three human factions, it seems obvious that establishing positive diplomatic relations with all three groups would be mutually beneficial. We would gain access to the unique resources of each group and, thorough constant communication, we would have a better idea of what is happening on Earth’s surface. At the same time, we can assist the human factions in their struggle against those who threaten their villages and provinces.


The Cultists are humans who have established a pseudo-religion that worships the Reticulans. They see the coming of the Reticulans as a mystical event, and they refer to the alien invaders as their "Masters". They believe that a group of higher beings will someday return to Earth to complete the Masters’ work—although it is unclear exactly what these beings will ultimately accomplish.

Unlike most doomsday cults, the Cultists are well organized and do not neglect everyday affairs in favor of their zealous beliefs. They are also highly adept at persuading others to join their cause. This makes the group particularly dangerous.

Because the Cultists view our presence and our mission as hostile, establishment of friendly relations with this group is impossible. However, we must develop an understanding of their organization and belief system if we hope to counter the spread of their influence and, ultimately, defeat them.