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Created by Ian Douglas:
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Fans on the Road

Slaughter and PlacidDragon, official forum admins, were our guests through December 2004. What they have seen in Prague you can read in their journal: Two Norwegians on the trip to ALTAR's offices and back. Even more interesting reading you find in detailed report about their impression from UFO: Aftershock at that time: What we have seen behind the mirror.


Fiction Contest

A day in the life by Spiros Kakouris
The world of Aftershock by Doug Macintyre
Before the Aftershock by Bruno Dias
The age of Aquarius by Mark Reynolds
unnamed by Christophe Finas
unnamed by David Wood
Hope by Rui Marques
unnamed by Mark M. Cagnacci
Sleeper by Paul Walters
With Less Certainty by Eran Arbel
First Alien Encounter by Igor Kukowski
unnamed by James McLellan
Welcome home by Andreas Ahlgren
Poor Bargain by Derrick Ko

Creativity Contest

Fiction (alphabetically)

Alien D-Day by Rui Marques
Shadow operations by Igor Kukowski

Art (alphabetically)

Aftershock Mobile Squad 1, 2, 3, 4 by Greg Thorpe
Aftershock Website concept by Thorondor
Alien Concepts 1 and 2 by Benjamin Zasada
Alien/Face by Azures
Boxshot by Thorondor
Flying Saucer video by Anton Hansen
Union of Earth Propaganda Poster by X51

Wallpapers (alphabetically)