Fiction Contest


Camp Base Edwards
Briefing Room 18.00 hours
Good morning – said the base commander, meaning the briefing had just started – as you all know we are here to brief you about a very delicate, however extremely important assignment.
Yes sir – everybody said in choir.
Very well, let’s begin from the start, our intelligence reports there will be in our operational area a “reticulan” meeting, we are to capture those enemy officers and bring them back for questioning. Any doubts so far?
Sir – said lieutenant O’ Neil as he rose from his seat – Is the intel reliable? Our last assignment almost got my team killed due to a misinterpretation.
The information we have, have been confirmed with several sources, plus we will have Captain Jackson team assuming forward observer position to make sure we are not tricked like before. Anything else? – this time there was nothing, just silence and the commander continued – Alright then, I’ll ask Colonel Stanov to brief you with the plan.
Tank you commander. – said the Colonel before continuing – Our intel tell us the meting point is to be 100 miles northwest, we believe the meting objective is to coordinate the reticulan and transgenant efforts to terminate us. – he makes a small pause - Once again I call your attention to the importance of the success of this mission, it is imperative we succeed, it will not only allow us to create a strong setback in the enemy offensive, but will also allow us to gather strategic information from the prisoners questioning. This said, the plan is quite simple, the meting will take place in what looks like a small valley surrounded by hills with only one access point by land. This makes our job easier, this sort of meting is usually held at a reticulan ship, provably a medium sized heavy armored ship, Captain Jackson team will be the first in, it will be dropped by chopper 4 clicks away, it will make a stealth approach to the observation nest, there it will confirm the reunion or not, if the intel is correct it will then have the objective of disabling the ship engines and prevent it from fleeing.
Sir, how will we accomplish that? – asked Captain Jackson with a surprised expression.
Good question, you will be given an experimental EMP rocket specially designed to disable alien technology, disrupting they ships nervous system and thus stopping it. After you accomplish this you’ll give support fire to Lieutenant O’ Neil and Lieutenant Hawkes Squads. Lieutenant O’ Neil and Lieutenant Hawkes squads are to secure the exterior perimeter of the ship, Lieutenant Hawkes will then proceed inside the vessel and secure the objective, while Lieutenant OŽ Neil defends the exterior perimeter from any patrols drawn back to the site, after objective is completed booth squads are to be extracted by chopper along with the prisoners. Finally Captain Jackson team is to remain in site and detonate the charges placed by Lieutenant Hawkes Squad, head to the extraction point and get back here for debriefing.
Sir, I was wondering if there will be any air support? – asked Lieutenant Hawkes.
Yes Lieutenant, we have assigned 5 improved F-15 squads to make sure you won’t be bothered by their ships, plus an assault chopper squad for close air support. This is the plan, we expect him to go smooth, however just in case, and we decided to plan an armored patrol 10 miles from your objective, just in case you need to be rescued. That’s everything, commander.
Good work Colonel, anymore questions? – no response – Good, you have your orders, analyze your files, take some rest, the operation is squedueled for the morning, I expect you to take some rest, tomorrow will be a long day. Dismissed.
Troop Quarters 20.00 hours
Captain I just reviewed the missile we’re going to carry, have you seen this specks?
Quite impressive isn’t it?
Here says it’s capable of completely destroying the synapses in the nervous system of the reticulans organic ship, basically acts like a toxin that inhibits the brain. More, it also says it was only possible due to the recovery of a large Ship. Do you know who made the capture sir?
If I’m not mistaken it was the Phoenix Company, those guys can really pull off miracles. Have you chosen the weapon you’ll take tomorrow?
Help me out captain, I can’t decide between the plasma rifle and the gauss rifle.
I’d take the gauss rifle, it’s a little more cumbersome, but its penetration and power is unmatchable.
You’re right sir, what kind of armor will we wear?
The Colonel believes is best for us to carry a light powered armor with infra-red protection, the advantage is we’ll be more mobile, and in case the intel is an ambush we can avoid detection and easily call off the operation. Any more Doubts, I finished my prep and I think I’ll hit the sack. Good night West.
Good night sir, I’ll just finish this up.
Air Strip 06.00 hours (next day)
As I was heading to the runaway track in the southwest base corner I started remembering what had brought me to this war in the first place. Has been 18 months since we returned to our home planet, it’s been a fierce battle and this mission just might make a difference in the final score. We must win this war, we don’t have where to go back since the space station was destroyed, to lose is to die.
Captain Jackson has been like a father to me ever since he drafted me, he thought me every thing he knows, from using our hands and feet as lethal weapons, to use blades, fire weapons and all sort of alien ware we have encountered and developed over this time period. The captain was the best shooter in this base, hell I even Doubt that anyone in the Phoenix Company can shoot better, however in this mission I would be the main shooter, it was is function to carry the EMP rocket to take down the enemy bird.
Lock and load sir.
Let’s go then West.
The chopper was already fuelled and armed waiting for us, we would be the first ones in and last ones out.
Hello partner. – said the pilot in a very friendly mood – How’s the lady’s man doing.
Green you hound dog, what in earth are you doing here.
It seems I’m your ride for the action.
Well is good to see you, it’s been a wile, when was it the last time, let me see, it was that hit you made against a reticulan Major.
General. – said the captain a little disturbed.
He was a general, now how long must I wait for that ride?
No time at all, let’s go.
Few moments later.
Eagle one ready for take off, over
Eagle you are clear to take off, good luck, over and out.
During the flight Captain regained the power of speech.
Hey Green how’s Ana Doing?
She’s fine, specially now where going to have a little Green running around the house.
That’s great man, when is it due?
In two months, to bad they aren’t going to give me a fatherhood leave, hey, a guy can’t have it all.
Maybe some day we can, that is why we fight, for a better future.
Amen to that. What about you, have you settled down?
Hell no, do you think I’m crazy?
Take a look around, tell me what isn’t.
You got a point there. I haven’t been able to shake the memory of my family, my dead family. – the captain presents a sorrow expression, almost like he was mentally revisiting the past.
A huge silence takes over the chopper, there would be no more talk until we reached the LZ.
ETA 5 minutes. – said the co-pilot.
Were all set. – replied the captain.
5 minutes later.
There’s the LZ, preparing to land, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go Go Go
Go West, jump, I’ll follow you. – it was the last thing I heard before I jumped, we had to, the pilot couldn’t be sure if it was a hot LZ, so instead of landing, he just hovered wile we jumped, this allowed him to easily gain altitude in case of enemy fire, Fortunately this time that didn’t happen.
West are you alright? – I eared the captain ask me.
100% sir.
Very well, let me see the map. – I rapidly took it out of my backpack and gave it to him, he took his compass, aligned the north with the map, and took the direction we’d follow. – this way West, I’ll take the point, you watch my six.
We were 4 clicks from the target, at this time all other teams were on they way, it was up to us to determine if there would be any action at all. We started moving, we didn’t went very fast cause despite our IR filter and the Gillie suit we had, movement is the best way to break camouflage. This was a biomass occupied area, maybe that’s the reason the aliens set the meting here, it would provide security for them, however for us is uncompressible why they would turn what we had before into this fields imported directly from hell, with reddish tones that seem almost unnatural, however the biomass behaves like a living organism, a whole that uses the transgenants as it’s best defense against any threats.
The Captain raised his fist and kneeled, I did the same, and then he called me near him.
West, this is the spot, see the valley, it seems the intel was correct, isn’t that a reticulan ship in the center of the valley? – finally we had arrived, we had managed to avoid the patrols, however it seemed we would have to engage them pretty soon.
Sure is sir.
Give me the radio. – and so I did.
Base, this is Alpha team, the code word is “hope”, I repeat, the codeword is “hope”. – that was the sign, in 30 minutes both our assault squads would be here, the fighters would be in the air, and the assault helicopters ready to take out any armored threat to us. – Now we wait West, in 20 minutes I’ll launch the missile and the enemy will be grounded.
Ready West don’t withdraw the laser from the ship hull until the rocket impact. – twenty minutes had passed – ready?
All set sir.
Fire – if you could only see it flying, it went directly into the main engines portion of the ship, we would see now the alien response.
The aliens looked somewhat stunned, they now also Know the meaning of the word surprise, I bet they’ll be seeing a lot of that from now on. Me and the Captain, we started opening fire bellow to the valley, the Gauss rifle was a great choice, in one shoot I was able to kill three transgenants in a line, however they soon regrouped and realized what was happening, and started firing at us.
Sir, I’m being pin down, unable to reply enemy fire.
Where's the cavalry when we need them.
The Captain couldn’t have asked at a better time, a series of choppers began gathering around us and we started hearing from the radio.
Beta team has landed, puling out. – said a chopper pilot
Charlie Team has landed, puling out. – said another pilot
At this time the pressure was being reduced, at the edges of the valley we could see both tactical teams advancing easily, maybe the heavy armor with the big guns was a major help, however it was the outcome that concerned us.
At this time Hawkes Squad took their first injury.
Medevac ASAP, man down. – said Sergeant Savage in the radio.
Medevac en route, ETA 15 minutes.
Beta team secured the perimeter, preparing defensive positions.
Charlie team, perimeter secured we’re entering the bird. – this team had a tough job, however I saw them pack some plasma shotguns at the base, I bet that makes the job easier.
Satellite is picking up a large number of enemies headed your way from every direction. – said the command center
Hawk 1, over.
Go ahead Hawk 1, over.
The enemy has low air capability in the area, our F-15 are available to assist ground operations, over.
Hawk 1, this is Alpha team, over.
Go ahead Alpha team, over.
We need you to hit the tree line southwest of our position to increase our dead zone, over.
Considered done, over and out.
Hawk 5, 8, 12, 15, you heard the man.
Beta team how are you holding, we have two men down, the air support is helping but Hawkes team hasn’t responded for 15 minutes.
Can you spare someone to check it out. – I asked.
I’ll send Hicks
10 minutes later
This is Charlie team, the objective is secured, we have 10 bogeys with us, were assisting the perimeter defense, we have three men down, request immediate extraction. – finally
Captain they have the targets, evacuation is on their way, the air support has no more bombs to drop, what do we do?
Give me the radio.
Here sir.
Base, alpha team here, we need orbital bombardment to pre-determined coordinates, over.
Alpha team, here’s base confirm request, over.
Request confirmed, over and out.
It took 5 minutes for the missiles to arrive, but when they did, we were left to fight ghosts, however it wounld’t be for long. We just bought ourselves the chance of getting out of there, all teams were evacuated, except ours, the reticulans captured taken into captivity, and the wounded directed to the medical center. War is truly a nasty part of our nature, it is completely opposite to our rationality, all warfare is characterized by chaos, confusion and Doubt, however it also brings the best of humankind, the caring and concern for the fellow men that fight with us, are willing to die for us and most of all are there to watch our backs and make sure we all make it back in one piece.
Me and the Captain stayed in order to detonate a nuclear device concealed in the reticulan ship, how it happen that’s another story, all I can say is, it blew the scale in enemy body count.
The End
Rui Marques