Post Mortem

Read detailed insight into development of UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock by lead designer Martin Klima at GamesIndustry.

Press Releases

Reviews (English)

February 06GameAxis (SG)7.4/10
January 06GamePlasma (US)7.8/10
January 06MyGamer (US)7/10
January 06ThinkComputers (US)9/10, Recommended Award
January 06The Armchair Empire (US)7.5/10
December 05Game Chronicles (US)7/10
December 05Discworld (UK)81%
December 05Game Vortex (US)89%
December 05GameSHOUT (US)7.5/10
December 05IGN (US)7.5/10
December 05Custom PC (UK)84%
December 05PC Gamer (UK)75%
December 05PC Format (UK)78%
December 05PC Zone (UK)75%, Recommended Award
November 05eToychest (US)92%
November 05PC Gameworld (US)84%
November 05Loaded Inc. (UK)8/10
November 05Game Over Online (US)72%
November 05Deaf Gamers (UK)8.1/10
October 05GameZone (UK)7.2/10
October 05Club Skill (UK)7/10
October 05GameCell (UK)7/10
October 05Sunday Times (UK)4/5
September 05FileRush (US)8.5/10

Reviews (other)

March 06NejHry7/10 (Czech)
January 06Gry Komputerowe9/10 (Polish)
January 06BonusWeb76% (Czech)
January 06Hrej8/10 (Czech)
December 05Wirtualna Polska8.1/10 (Polish)
December 05Gry Online7.5/10 (Polish)
December 05Gamesector8/10 (Danish)
December 05Sztab85% (Polish)
December 05Hot Games80% (Czech)
December 05Gery8.5/10 (Polish)
December 05SME3,5/5 (Slovak)
November 05GameZone75% (Czech)
November 05GBase7.5/10 (German)
November 05GameCaptain79% (German)
November 05Pelit88% (Finnish)
November 05GameStar7.2/10 (Czech)
November 05Score82% (Czech)
November 05Sector70% (Slovak)
November 05Tiscali Games78% (Czech)
October 05GameCenter73% (Czech)
October 054Players76% (German)
October 05Gamershall88%, Silver Award (German)
October 05GameVision90%, Golden Award (German)

Previews (English)

October 05PC GameworldUFO: Aftershock
October 05Pro-GUFO: Aftershock
September 05GamebizUFO: Aftershock
August 05IGN's RPG VaultUFO: Aftershock First View
May 05GameZoneUFO: Aftershock
May 05GamePlasmaE3 2005: UFO: Aftershock
September 04IGNE3: UFO: Aftershock - It's a temblor of sci-fi goodness
September 04GameSpotUFO: Aftershock Impressions

Previews (other)

October 05GameZoneUFO: Aftershock první dojmy (Czech)
October 05DHL.NetUFO: Aftershock preview (German)
October 054playersVorschau zu "UFO: Aftershock" (German)
October 05Tiscali GamesUFO: Aftershock - první dojmy (Czech)
October 05GamershallUFO: Aftershock (German)
October 05J de JuegosUFO: Aftershock Primera Impresión (Spanish)
September 05GameVisionUFO: Aftershock: Die Aliens Kommen! (German)
August 05GIGA TVUFO: Aftershock! (German)
May 05OverclockersPreview UFO: Aftershock (Russian)
May 05BonusWebUFO: Aftershock E3 impressions (Czech)
March 05IgrogradUFO: Aftershock - Грустная история о нашем «светлом» будущем (Ukraine)
March 05Gry KomputeroweUFO: Aftershock zapowiedĽ (Polish)
March 05GamerUFO: Aftershock (Izrael)
December 04BonusWebUFO: Aftershock preview (Czech)
December 04DoupěHerní novinky: UFO: Aftershock (Czech)
December 04LEVEL 120UFO: Aftershock preview (Czech)
October 04Wirtualna PolskaUFO: Aftershock zapowiedĽ (Polish)

Interviews (English)

October 05GameZoneAs it nears its fourth-quarter release date, ALTAR’s Jiri Rydl talks about UFO: Aftershock
August 05IGN's RPG VaultUFO: Aftershock Update Interview
August 05Game ChroniclesUFO: Aftershock Q&A
May 05StrategyCoreUFO: Aftershock interview at E3 2005
May 05GamersInfoInterview - UFO: Aftershock
March 05Gameplay MonthlyUFO: Aftershock Interview
January 05within gamesSpecial: Jiri Rydl uber UFO: Aftershock
January 05Gamer's HellUFO: Aftershock: Jiri Rydl Interview
December 04IGN's RPG VaultUFO: Aftershock Interview with Martin Klima
December 04TotalVideoGamesExclusive UFO: Aftershock Q&A
September 04Game ChroniclesGCM Goes Inside the Game UFO: Aftershock
September 04ComputerGamesUFO: Aftershock interview
August 04withingamesSpecial: UFO: Aftershock - Jiri Rydl im Interview
August 04GameZoneUFO: Aftershock Brings an Alien Invasion Right Into Your Living Room
July 04HomeLANUFO: Aftershock Exclusive Interview
July 04RPG Vault at IGNRPG Roundtable #5 with Martin Klima

Interviews (other)

October 054PlayersSpecial zu UFO: Aftershock (German)
October 05CzechGamerMinirozhovor o UFO: Aftershock (Czech)
August 05GameCenterUFO: Aftershock - rozhovor (Czech)
August 05SectorUFO: Aftershock interview (Slovak)
April 05GameSportUFO: Aftershock - rozhovor (Czech)
March 05Game EXEDvadcat let spustja (Russian)
January 05within gamesSpecial: Jiri Rydl uber UFO: Aftershock (German)
December 04HC.gamerUFO: Aftershock interjú (Hungarian)
September 04ComputerGamesUFO: Aftershock interviu (Romanian)
August 04withingamesSpecial: UFO: Aftershock - Jiri Rydl im Interview (German)

Chat logs

November 04StrategyCoreAftershock official chat log (English)
November 04GameZoneAftershock official chat log (Czech)
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